Frequency Question / Learn more

Frequency Question / Learn more

Go 2 Brand Tokyo aim to provide a good platform and service to customer, let you can sell your items with higher price with professional service. To learn more, welcome see as following:

  • QHow do you make a quotation / price offer for my items?

    A We are welcome customer to bring your items to our shop, or sending picture through Whatsapp to get price quotation. But Whatsapp Quotation only provide a roughly range price, the fix and final best price depend on the items condition, after checking by our experienced staff.

  • QWhat is the business hour of Go 2 Brand Tokyo

    AWe open from 10:30am to 7:30pm (Monday - Sunday), Our Address is Room C, 5/F, 168 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

  • QIs is need to make appointment before we come to shop?

    AThere is no need to make appointment before you come, direct come is welcome. But make appointment before you visit may reduce your waiting time, we also can reserve the time period to provide you professional service.

  • QIs it any fee of charge I sell in Go 2 Brand Tokyo?

    ANo, there is no fee of charge for you to use our service, NO quotation fee, NO apprising fee, NO home service fee, NO appointment and cancel fee. You can feel safe and confidence to use Go 2 Brand Tokyo Service and sell your items here.

  • QHow can I get payment if I sell in Go 2 Brand Tokyo?

    AGo 2 Brand Tokyo have at least 2 professional and experienced appraiser working here, We will check your items in front of you, after you agree the price quotation, we pay Cash immediately or make bank translation to your bank account immediately. You are no need to wait payment.

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